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How to Download Wi-Fi Kill APK for Android

Kill the unauthorized Wi-Fi users through downloading Wi-Fi kill apk. Wi-Fi kill app is most popular app control on your wifi network. This enables you to find the connected devices on your network. In the same way you can cut their internet connection through this important application. Firstly we will show you how to install it in your smart device and secondly for PC too.

How to Install Wi-Fi Kill APK

  • First you need a rooted device for this. If you have it then goes for the further process.
  • Surf for the Wi-Fi kill app from web browser and install it.
  • Once you installed it open it in your smart device.
  • It will send a request for the root access so give root access for working Wi-Fi extender in your device.
  • Here you have the facility to scan the connected devices.
  • Select the devices
  • With this you can cut the unauthorized devices from the obtained list.
  • Now instantly tap on kill button.
  • If you want to continue bandwidth click on grab button.
  • If you want to kill all the connected devices tap on “kill all” option.

Wi-Fi Kill for PC

Wi-Fi kill app is obtainable in PC through one process. This cannot be installed directly from web browser r. But still there is an alternate way to download this app in your windows computer. Please check the process here under.

  • First download bluestacks offline installer in your personal computer.
  • Open the home screen of bluestacks and search for W-Fi kill app.
  • Now give a mouse hit on install tab.
  • Your app is downloaded into your personal computer.
  • As we have mentioned in the earlier process just press on “kill all” to kill all the connected devices. Or select grab option to steal bandwidth.

Wi-Fi kill APK Features

  • You are the boss to manage your wifi network.
  • You are free to watch the connected devices with your wifi network.
  • You can secure your network through this beautiful app.
  • Smartly you can see the devices name connected to your network.
  • Gather a bandwidth with the person using wifi network.
  • User friendly interface easy to operate.