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Government Likely to Launch E-Passport

Here is new initiative that will make issue of Indian passport a complete digital document. Passport is the basic foreign travel document. Day by day, the rules and procedures related to issue of passport are simplified. Recently, the Minister of state for External Affair declared that the process of e-passport is now starting-up. The devices for e-passport are already in process of procurement. If the e-passport becomes a reality, the new generation will have passport with enhanced features. The E-passport will eliminate menace of fake status of passports with features like bio-metric details embedded in the passport.

Passport status

The e-passport is already prevalent in countries like UK. It secures the data in an electronic chip. The chip holds the information of the passport holder. The government is looking forward to issue e-passport to all the citizens in near future. The electronic contactless inlays are under production at the India Security Press, Nasik. You can also check online passport status. The production of the e-passport will begin after the completion of the procurement of electronic chips. The Ministry of External affairs has also received a proposal for waiving NOC from father if a child wants to travel to India on tourist visa.

What is E-Passport

An e-Passport comes with an electronic chip. It is also known as digital or biometric passport in some countries. It is already in use by many western countries. The printed information is stored digitally in the chip. Almost 93 United Nations member countries are issuing e-passports. The e-passport also contains bio metric identifier.

Read more the e-passport uses the contactless smart card technology. The International Civil Aviation Organization defines the protocols to be used in e-passports. Only few countries like Netherlands, Brazil, and Albania have fully ICAO compliant national identity cards. The new e-passport will have a 64kb chip. It will be storing photograph and fingerprints. The launch of e-passport to diplomatic entities was done in 2008. The first e-passport was issued to the then Indian President.

Check passport status

Passport application, tracking of tatkal passport status, renewal, and duplicate passport procedures are already carried out entirely online. The passport seva kendra portal is offering online services related to passport.