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How to Apply Online for Aadhar Card

Aadhar Card is a hard identity proof addressed to the every individual from infant to elders. This is a 12 digit no is eligible for opening bank account, applying for passport for paying taxes. Apply Tatkal passport application form online for here. All-in-one this card is an actual proof that he or she is a permanent citizen of India.

Advanced benefits of Aadhar Card

Any person who is poor or reached can apply for Adhaar Card for absolutely free. It is a government scheme to make one’s individual identity.

It is accessible to open the bank accounts for the needy poor people

It is useful in delivering the government schemes and facilities to the poor and needy people all over India.

It also stops any kind of threat of bogus activity.

Tatkal passport application form

How to Apply for Aadhar Card

Just follow the Aadhar Card office of any state of India.

Take your identity proof and address proof with you

If your residing location is not located in the online official site then you need to rush for the Authorized Aadhar Centre of that state.

Get your Aadhar Card application form or download it online.

If you have downloaded it then take a print and fill it.

Go to the authorized center and visit

At the time of verification your photo, iris-scan and finger-prints procedure will be done.

If you want to correct any then correct it on this time.

You will be given the acknowledgement receipt.

Your information on the form will be verified.

Keep saved that receipt till you not get the actual Aadhar Card.

Check aadhar card status by name

First you will be sent sms and e-mail if you Check aadhar card status by name procedure is completed successfully

And then your Aadhar Card will be posted on the address the applicant have addressed.

This is how any one small children, infant, girls, elderly men and women all are eligible to apply for Aadhar card. Less than 3 year children are not compulsory to go for the biometric information. It is compulsory for the children more than 5years age.