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How to Pay KVS Challan

If your kids are studying in Kendriya Vidyalaya CBSE schools, you will need to generate KVS challans. KV schools are a chain of CBSE schools in India. We have shown you here how you can pay fees through KVS challan. Also know how to check KVS challan status. There are more than 1000 central schools across the country. The CBSE schools have made it compulsory to pay the fees to the Union Bank of India. The KVS challan can be generated online. The portal of Union Bank of India allows payment of KVS fees online. KVS challan status check is also facilitated at the UBO website. Follow us for more updates on other challans like Challan 280 form online and traffic police challan. Challans are forms which contain details of the person any fee or tax. All challans have a counterfoil which are left with the person paying as a proof of his/her payment.

Check status of your Traffic Challan Enquiry.

The Kendriya Vidyalayas are allowing online payment of the application fees. The challan is generated after payment of the fees.

KVS challan form

How to Download KVS Challan Form

To Download KVS challan form you need to visit the portal of Union Bank of India. Visit the site After downloading the challan, you can pay the fees directly at any branch of the Union Bank or online at the bank’s portal.

Follow the option of ‘Generate Challan and Print Receipt.’ You can login using the 15 digits identification number of the student and date of birth of the student. The challan will be downloaded in the PDF format. You can pay online through net banking mode. Or fill up the downloaded challan and pay KVS fees manually at any branch of Union Bank of India by cash or cheque. The biggest benefit of the KVS challan is that you can pay your children’s fees any any branch of Union Bank of India across the country.

Traffic Challan Enquiry

If you are paying offline through cash or cheque at the Union Bank, do remember to take back the student’s copy of the challan with bank’s acknowledgement. Follow us to know more procedure of checking traffic challan status and TDS challan status.