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PAN card is no more an unknown document for any Indian citizen. PAN card has become a powerful tool to cross verify the person’s and firm’s identity. The PAN Card details can be verified two-ways; i.e. verifying person or company’s name and contact details using the PAN number or extracting the PAN number and contact details by using name of the individual or company. The facility is mostly used to cross check the unknown person or company before entering into any kind of vital financial transaction with them. We will take you through the online process of obtaining the pan card details, its uses and process of pan card verification. PAN card details are also sought online by many other reasons by financial institutions and others and this post will greatly help those who are unaware of using this facility of obtaining details by using the pan number. Online pan card details facility is also used by people to know their own pan card number from anywhere.


Track PAN Card Details: PAN Card Verification by Name

Follow the instructions and links given in this article to view and verify the PAN Card Details. The Income tax department, Govt. Of India has launched the unique and free online facility where anyone can know the details of a person or a company by pan number and also the pan number by the name! This will hardly take your few moments and a short online procedure to follow. We have elaborated the process of extracting pan card details here.

Follow the below link of Know your PAN at the site of income tax department of India. You can know the pan card holder’s name and contact details to verify the concerned firm or individual through his/its PAN card number at the facility provided by IT, India.

  1. Click here to reach the Know Your PAN page at Income tax efiling.
  2. Enter the date of birth for an individual and date of incorporation in case of a company or a business unit.
  3. Enter the name as required.
  4. Type the captcha code as shown to you.
  5. Click on the submit option below in the centre to view the pan number and contact details.

This process is also used for pan verification and thereby verification of third party’s genuineness is made possible.

Besides verifying third party’s details you can also use this facility to know your pan number in case of missing your pan card.


How to know Name and Address of a Person by PAN Card Number

The reverse facility of ‘Know your PAN’ is the ‘Know Your Jurisdiction Officer’ by which you can track the name and contact details of any company or person by entering the PAN number. Know how to check your UTI pan card status onineeasily.This facility helps for pan card verification. Follow the below steps to use the facility of verifying pan card holder’s name and address just by his pan number.

  1. Click here to reach Know Your Jurisdiction Officer page of Income Tax site.
  2. Type in the related PAN number and click on ‘submit’ button.
  3. You will be now able to view the person’s complete name and jurisdiction details on the screen.

To reiterate, the online facilities of verifying pan card details and pan verification are provided through Know Your PAN and Know Your Jurisdiction Officer at the portal of Income tax e-filing. The facilities help to curb financial frauds and makes it easy for financial institutions, business units and other commercial firms as well individuals to carry our financial transactions with greater surety. The facility is also vitally used to know one’s own pan card number and details from anywhere. Knowing the pan card details is quite simple if you follow the simple steps given below. However, be sure that you use the pan card details like name and date of birth correctly same as mentioned in the pan card while using the facility of Know Your PAN. Keep visiting our site for any information related to PAN card and Aadhar card.

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