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Income Tax Refund Status

With many governmental procedures becoming net-based, Income tax payments and refunds are not more an exception. Income tax refund status is now easily traceable online just by entering PAN number and the assessment year. Here we have provided a step by step how to guide to check your income tax refund status online easily. Moreover, Income tax department is now trying to administer income tax returns in very few days with Aadhar based ITR verification and other upgraded electronic techniques of linking IT returns with bank database and Aadhar card. However you can check the status of your income tax return to confirm your e-filing status. We will be helping you to check your income tax refund status online through the Refund Banker Scheme introduced by IT department in 2007 to allow all the tax payers to know the exact status of IT return at its site.

income tax refund status

As per the most recent statistics, the IT department has processed 45.18 lakh returns and issued refunds to 22. 14 lakh tax payers for year 2015-16. More than 32.95 lakh e-returns are electronically verified. This indicates the significance of facility of IT returns status checking online. Refunds of IT e-filing are refunded to the tax payers by IT department either through RTGS/NECS or manual paper Cheque. Any tax payer can start viewing the income tax refund status 10 days after the refund application is sent by the office to the refund banker. There are more such self help guides available on FCPL portal that can help you to find many other guides and tutorials.

Check Income Tax Return Status Online

This simple online task involves very few minutes and few clicks if you are fully aware of the place and procedure. Here we have shared the official link for online income tax refund status tracking and the procedure:

  1. Log on to :
  2. Enter our Permanent Account Number (make sure you enter this in CAPITAL letter)
  3. Select the assessment year for which you want to check your income tax refund status.
  4. Click on Submit tab to get your income tax return status.

You can also get the status of you income tax refund by emailing or calling.

efiling refund of income status

Income Tax Return Status Offline

There are other manual ways to check status of your income tax refund filed.

  1. Call on the SBI help desk toll free number : 1800 425 9760 to enquiry your income tax return status
  2. You can also communicate for your income tax refund stats by sending e.mail to or

Status of the paid income tax refunds that are paid through other schemes than Refund Banker, can also be checked by the above online way by entering your PAN number and Assessment Year.

All the refund cheques and online transfers are forwarded by SBI as SBI is nominated by IT department for IR return transactions.

Income Tax Login to View Form 26AS

While login to the income tax for e-filing, you PAN number is your login id and password is your safe word given as per your choice. To file your income tax return online click on the below income tax login link:

by using the login at the income tax website, you can also view your tax credit statement know as Form 26AS. Form 26AS is the document that shows you the tax deducted on behalf of the taxpayer by the tax deductor. It will also who the details of the tax which is collected on behalf of the taxpayer by the tax collectors. You will also see the details of advance tax, self assessment tax and paid refund received during the specific financial year.

Keep visiting us for host of useful details and procedures about different important government related information. Previously, we had provided a guide on getting a rashan card status using a simple step by step guide. Refund of income tax is much easier and quicker through process of e-filing and hence it we recommend tax payers to go through our tutorials on checking income tax refund status online, income tax login for income tax refund application. We are an unofficial portal serving as a guiding platform to help Indian users through online processes pertaining to pan card, income tax refund, uid number and many other vital procedures. As you must be now aware, how simple it is to follow the online tracking of income tax refund satus with our current post. Likewise, we have posted many information on essential documents and procedures it involves.